Corpus Christi Chapel

Location: ground floor (room no. 001 | 1.35)
Capacity: 72 seats
Wi-fi: available

A restored historical gem, which was launched in 2002 as a unique conference and concert venue of Palacký University. One of the oldest and most visited sites in Olomouc, whose surprising history and genius loci are discussed in detail HERE.

The Chapel is also a space of the Department of Musicology, holding the concerts of the university choir and a number of other unique events and renowned music festivals. The Chapel is open to public during the European Heritage Days, and tours around this exquisite space are typically held also during the Olomouc Baroque Festival.

Further specification: the Chapel is a popular wedding venue. As an exception for wedding ceremonies, it is of course possible to open the entrance into the chapel from the neighbouring Univerzitní Street. The bride thus need not fear having to (normally a traditional requirement) enter from the ground floor of the Arts Centre. Please contact Lucie Měsícová, UP Arts Centre Manager (585 633 099 | for more information.