Concerts and Music Festivals

Concerts are usually held at the Theatre Hall, the Atrium, and the Baroque Corpus Christi Chapel, a national cultural monument. The departments of musicology and of music education use the latter's exquisitely preserved setting for instruction as well as graduation recitals. Another tradition is music festivals and events, including progressive concerts and DJ sets held during the AFO, PAF, and Flora Theatre festivals.


A festival of contemporary Czech and world experimental, jazz, and alternative music of the turn of the 21st century. It is organized by the Department of Musicology of the PU Faculty of Arts.

Olomouc Baroque Festival

Summer nights filled with music theatre in the historic setting of the Art Centre. It is run by the Ensemble Damian, which was established under the local Department of Music Education.


The ATENEO university choir has for a number of years now enjoyed an international acclaim. It was founded in 2001 and its members include students of various humanities and natural science disciplines. The repertoire is truly diverse: from classical music through choral arrangements of folk and pop songs to blues, sacred music, and gospel.