Screenings and Film Festivals

The Art Centre features a modern Film Hall, home to the Pastiche Filmz student society. Apart from classic club production, the Hall serves as a platform for various projects and events, ranging from specials on foreign independent artists through festival spinoffs to the Diletant, a showcase of local independent filmmakers, and the V.Ř.E.D, a student film competition. During festivals, besides the Film Hall, movies are also shown at the Theatre Hall and the Corpus Christi Chapel.

Pastiche Filmz

A student club with one of the longest traditions in the modern history of the Art Centre. A registered member of the Association of Czech Film Clubs, the PF bases the dramaturgy and organization of its Film Club screenings and other thematic audio and visual events at the Centre throughout the ademic term.


A project by students of the Department of the Theatre and Film Studies, PU FoA. Designed to improve awareness of trends in contemporary Czech culture, it provides students with an exclusive opportunity to meet the most distinguished people from contemporary theatre, radio, television, and film.

Academia Film Olomouc (AFO)

A film festival of the Palacký University with a rich tradition. Every year it presents a selection of progressive science documentary films for the public, and hosts closely watched debates and lectures of top-ranking Czech and foreign scientists. A substantial part of the organization team is the students of PU Faculty of Arts and of the organizing Department of the Theatre and Film Studies in particular.

The PAF Festival of Film Animation and Modern Art

The festival focuses on a broad range of animation in the context of cinematography, media studies, and visual art. The platform is unique in the Czech Republic as it combines new technologies and traditions of film animation in contemporary art and film production.