Radio Shows and Radio Station

The bustling energy of the Art Centre periodically gives rise to new student associations and their short-term or long-term projects. For example in 2015 the Art Centre saw the birth of a broadcast studio of the UP AIR university student radio station. Throughout the school year the building is thus turned into the heart of highly popular listening parties of students gathering to listen to radio plays together, which are open also to the public free of charge. 


An independent student online radio station launched on 1 April 2014. UP AIR is a platform open to all creative radio production enthusiasts, who come to gain extensive experience in how to run a radio station. UP AIR broadcasts modern non-mainstream progressive music and provides breezy updates on the social and cultural life of the university and city.

Prix Bohemia Radio

An international festival of radio production and a traditional competition held by Czech Radio. The primary goal is to raise the radio production standards and present public service media as institutions that create and disseminate cultural values.