Theatre and Theatrical Festivals

The key venue for theatre shows and festivals held at the Art Centre is, above all, the Theatre Hall. It is the home base of student theatre groups of the Department of the Theatre and Film Studies of the Faculty of Arts, such as, currently, Kucmoch, Nabalkoně, No vidiš! and Po škole. The space helps students gain, through their creative activities, practical experience with theatre dramaturgy, acting, direction, and stage technology. This is far from all theatre that takes place in the Konvikt. Other major events the Konvikt provides professional background with include: Flora Theatre Festival and Theatre Night.

Flora Theatre Festival

A traditional display of current theatre from leading Czech and foreign ensembles; one of the three most prestigious projects of the kind in the Czech Republic. The Flora Theatre Festival is organized by DW7, a non-profit that also runs the acclaimed Na Cucky Theatre.

Theatre Night

Theatre Night National event, an established part of the European Theatre Night, which creatively showcases theatre using untraditional forms. A festival of amateur and professional theatres and ensembles from Bohemian and Moravian towns and cities.