Dance Balls and Social Events

One of the fundamental roles of the local association Studium Artium (StuArt) is to create an open community space for students, instructors, and friends of the Department of Art History, Faculty of Arts. With this objective in mind, the association began to hold community events, including freshman initiations, Christmas parties, dance balls etc.

The very first ball of the association was held at the end of March 2014 at the Atrium and adjacent class rooms of the former Jesuit monastery. Three years later the association transformed the concept from a departmental ball to an all-Konvikt event, whose main idea is to link all the art history and art education departments of Palacký University into a single integral society.

Each year the ball has a theme (Carnival of Venice, Art Nouveau, Film Noir, Dance of the Vampires, etc.), which turns the Atrium and adjacent areas, which are normally designated for studies, into an extraordinary gesamtkunstwerk for that one special, unforgettable night.

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