Theatre Hall

Location: 3rd floor (room no. 305 | 4.45)
Capacity: 120 seats
Wi-fi: available

An essential component of the Art Centre offering a reliable and precise technical delivery. A beautiful attic space adorned with a wood vaulted ceiling. The floor and walls are painted black. The Theatre includes a spacious and cosy foyer. The K3 Theatre follows a fixed schedule of the productions of student theatre groups, as well as projections, shows, concerts, audiovisual installations, and workshops of special events and festivals such as Flora Theatre Festival, Theatre Night, AFO, PAF, MusicOlomouc, and Prix Bohemia Radio.K3 dramaturgy:

  • student theatre - author adaptations and cabaret shows, interpretation theatre
  • improvisational theatre - "battles" of improv theatres, improshow, stand-up comedy
  • multimedia productions, happenings, performance art, minor genres focused on taboos and controversial topics, postmodern theatre
  • contemporary physical and dance theatre
  • workshops and forums
  • stage readings of contemporary plays - author readings, literature nights
  • screenings of taped theatre shows

Other equipment: movable platforms including theatre chair stands (easy to increase or decrease the capacity). A dressing room with a bathroom is available behind the stage for performers.When not in use, the space is available for lectures, conferences, workshops, movie screenings etc. Please contact Lucie Měsícová, UP Arts Centre Manager (585 633 099 | for more information.